Our mission and values

RARI DAO is a community-governed, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO for short) that promotes the ecosystem growth and shapes the future of Rarible Protocol – open-source and free-to-use infrastructure for building NFT apps and experiences, such as marketplaces, wallets, analytics and more.
We are committed to broadening the NFT use case horizon by creating a fully decentralized robust ecosystem and transferring the ownership of the Protocol to the community of builders and creators who get to decide what they need and what its future will look like.
RARI DAO governs the following areas under its mandate:
  • RARI DAO treasury (approving budget, incentive programs, allocating grants, and more)
  • Development and decentralization of Rarible Protocol (the DAO is on the path to fully adopt the Rarible Protocol, which entails full ownership and governance)
This vision is being brought to life through a robust governance architecture that lets anyone get involved in this decision making by locking $RARI to exercise your voting rights.

Core values

The guiding, core values of the RARI DAO are the following:
  • Prioritized resource allocation for autonomous mechanisms rather than programs reliant on human execution
  • Governance minimization
  • Algorithms rather than bloated DAO operations run by humans
Efficiency & Accountability
  • Sharp focus on optimizing available resources
  • Accountable parties, measurable deliverables and milestones for every proposal
Long Term Sustainability
  • Strategic decision making for the long term
  • Zero tolerance for short-term profit seeking
  • Reinvesting and compounding value (vs. external extraction)