Our mission and values

RARI DAO is a community-governed, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO for short) that promotes ecosystem growth and shapes the future of the two core infrastructure layers:

  1. Rarible Protocol – open-source and free-to-use infrastructure for building NFT apps and experiences, such as marketplaces, wallets, analytics and more.

  2. RARI Chain – a secure and low-cost Ethereum L3 chain that guarantees royalty payments through enforcement on the node level.

We are committed to broadening the NFT use case horizon by creating a creator-centric and fully decentralized robust ecosystem.

RARI DAO governs the following areas under its mandate:

  • RARI DAO treasury (approving budgets, incentive programs, allocating grants, and more)

  • Ecosystem growth of the two products in the RARI ecosystem: Rarirble Protocol and the RARI Chain

This vision is being brought to life through a robust governance architecture that lets anyone get involved in this decision-making by locking $RARI to exercise your voting rights.

Core values

The guiding, core values of the RARI DAO are the following:


  • Prioritized resource allocation for autonomous mechanisms rather than programs reliant on human execution

  • Governance minimization

  • Algorithms rather than bloated DAO operations run by humans

Efficiency & Accountability

  • Sharp focus on optimizing available resources

  • Accountable parties, measurable deliverables and milestones for every proposal

Long Term Sustainability

  • Strategic decision making for the long term

  • Zero tolerance for short-term profit seeking

  • Reinvesting and compounding value (vs. external extraction)

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